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Petro-Terminal Sites Remediation: Southeast U.S.

Piedmont Geologic was tasked to conduct site remediation planning and remediation at 12 petroleum bulk storage, pipeline, and terminal facilities in the southeastern U.S., including facilities in Virginia (2), North Carolina (3), South Carolina (3), Georgia (3), and Mississippi (1). All 12 sites contained extensive multi-media contamination resulting from 40-60 years of petroleum storage and transportation.

The Challenge:

Due to the geological variations, contaminant distributions, and regulatory program diversity between the sites, a “cookie cutter” approach for designing and implementing remediation strategies would not suffice. Custom corrective action plans were developed for each site to meet the client’s goal of either achieving regulatory closure standards or no-further action determinations within 5 years’ time.

The Means:

Piedmont Geologic expedited the development of site corrective action plans and associated engineering design plan utilizing an array of remediation strategies and technologies; including groundwater pump and treat, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, dual phase vacuum extraction, permeable reactive barriers, in-situ chemical oxidation, soil excavation and disposal, phytoremediation, and remediation by natural attenuation. Coordinated site maintenance and monitoring plans were developed to ensure consistent remediation system operation and tracking of progress of remediation at all sites, with the goal of 80% or better system operation times.

The Result:

Closure goals were achieved for three sites (25%) within 2 years’ time and for eight sites of the remaining sites (67%) within 5 years’ time. The remaining sites are in final stages of groundwater monitoring required prior to closure.  No Notices of Violation have been received for any of the sites over the tenure of Piedmont Geologic’s oversight.

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