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Cost-effective remediation and monitoring make your environmental compliance a smart business practice. Technical expertise, experience in a variety of environments, and an understanding of business needs enables our environmental consultants to develop the right solution for you.

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Environmental Assessment

Rapid response to your environmental assessment needs means your top priority project gets immediate attention from our professional geologists.


Whether you require soil testing or remediation, groundwater testing or remediation, or vapor intrusion assessment/abatement, we are available 24/7 to meet your turn-around requirements.


Site Remediation

As experts in the planning, testing, and implementation of soil remediation and groundwater remediation services, we are experienced in both traditional and emerging technologies. This allows us to develop the best solution for your unique situation, using passive and/or active approaches.


The key to Piedmont Geologic’s site remediation success is fast, cost-effective cleanup that produces consistent, reliable results to meet your goals.

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Groundwater Testing and Resource Management

From small sites to major watersheds, our field, map, and graphical techniques, along with computer modeling programs help you to evaluate groundwater testing and remediation issues and develop the right solution.


Assessment, modeling, monitoring, and ongoing management of groundwater resources offer you a complete program.

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Environmental Compliance and Permitting

As a licensed geological corporation, we are able to manage a variety of regulatory compliance and permitting activities on your behalf.


The registrations and certifications we hold ensure your compliance requirements and permitting needs will be met.


Real Estate and Brownfields Consulting

Whether a private investor or Fortune 500 firm, time is the critical factor for due-diligence assessments. That’s why we offer complete typical Phase I Environmental Site Assessments within a period of just two weeks. Innovative risk-abatement strategies result in timely and profitable Brownfields redevelopment projects

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