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Demands for environmental compliance are high. But so is the pressure to protect your bottom line. At Piedmont Geologic, we are scientists and engineers who understand your business needs to comply with rapidly changing regulations using cost-effective methods. Our environmental consulting services are focused on:

Rapid Response:

to meet your schedule and budgetary goals

Technical Expertise:

field scientists experienced in investigation, assessment, and remediation

Cost Effectiveness:

to efficiently achieve compliance

See what our environmental consultants can do for you.

Newest Case Study

Rapid Response and Remediation for Gasoline Pipeline Release: Ohio River, KY

The situation: An undetected breach in an underground gasoline pipeline resulted in the release of more than 200,000 gallons of gasoline to a shallow aquifer. Dispersion of the gasoline plume was resulting in seepage of gasoline to the nearby Ohio River, a major waterway under U.S. Coast Guard jurisdiction. In addition, a deeper aquifer used by the local municipality as the public water supply for approximately 100,000 customers was under threat of groundwater contamination from the gasoline release. . .